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    There can be no doubt that, as always happens in these cases, a great deal was said that was neither true nor possible. It was inevitable that it should be so; but her way of going on, both politically and in other ways, was decidedly suspicious.
    Mme. de Tess, alarmed by the conduct of the government of Fribourg, sold her property there, and resolved to go far north, as the French armies seemed to be spreading all over central and southern Europe.
    M. de Genlis, who had also a post at the Palais Royal, was nursing her, and her mother came every day to see her.
    They all boarded at the La Fayette, but as they were very poor there was very little to eat. They would dine upon ?ufs la neige, and spend the evening without a fire, wrapped in fur cloaks to keep out the cold of the early spring. M. de Montagu always had declared he had only had one good dinner in Holland, and that was one night when he dined with General Van Ryssel.